Masonic Digital Trust

The Masonic Digital Trust was founded to provide web services and support for lodges and bodies. It is not meant to compete with existing providers, but to offer a choice when resources and solutions are not readily available or affordable. We even encourage other companies to replicate and offer our novel products, such as DARs. Our professional guidance is yours at no cost as our cable tow allows, and you may reprint any content here so long as a link and attribution is given.

Truly Private File Storage

Lodge your most important documents in our Digital Repository. The big cloud providers are big targets with limited options, and you may not want your files on the same system as millions of others. We give you more options for sharing, or not sharing. The only safer place is the faithful breast of a Brother.

Digital Asset Records (DAR)

Never lose control of your online presence again. Our virtual lockbox is your first or last resort to gain access to websites, email accounts or other digital assets. The are rightfully yours, belonging to no one person, so treat them that way!

Paper Digitization

Protect your written treasures forever from conflagration and inundation. We delicately and discreetly handle your historical documents and records, preserving them as accurately as possible. We can even archive them for you with our Private File Storage.

Domain Name Management

A domain name is too small (yet important) an expense to make a motion on or have as a line item in the budget every year. Don’t let it slip through the cracks or get scammed. Let us register and manage it for you in our domain portfolio at a price that can’t be matched.

Web Design Services

We have designed or assisted in the design of websites for myriad Masonic bodies, including NYMasons.Org and KnightsTemplar.Org.

“The new site looks terrific – it’s much more professional, crisp and well-thought-out. Congratulations!” – Christopher Allen, Grand Chapter New York Royal Arch

Lodge Websites

Although Social Media is the central activity of the web today, a website can provide a foundation for your online presence and enable you to better represent yourselves to the community. You can update it every year or add content as much as you want, but make that impression count. We provide feature-rich, turn-key sites that require little more than word processing skills to manage. Most importantly, we train and provide support for your designated “webmaster” and ensure continuity between generations of people holding  that responsibility.

District Websites

District Websites provide a local and regional organizational presence for both members and the public. It covers the space between lodges and your Grand Lodge, and can play a vital role in working together with local chapters of concordant and appendant bodies.

We provide a feature-rich, turn-key system that requires little more than word processing skills to manage, and enables multiple users with different levels of access. The media library comes ready with a collection of Masonic logos relevant to your jurisdiction.

We also developed a district calendar model you can employ to coordinate schedules of all the Masonic events in your area, distributing responsibility to those groups, lodges, and chapters. Detailed instructions on setting this up will become available later this year.