What Is a Digital Asset Record (DAR)?

A Digital Asset Record (DAR) is a file in physical and/or digital form that outlines access links and logins for Internet assets, accounts, and services. This may include:
  • Domain name registration account
  • Hosting provider and account information
  • Server login (hosting control panel, FTP, etc.)
  • Website login (if using a CMS)
  • List Serv credentials
  • Facebook page and other Social Media accounts (and list of admins in case of Facebook)
  • Google account (email, calendar(s), cloud file storage)

Why Do You Need One?

One word: CURB (“Contingency Upon Retirement or Bereavement”) It is often difficult, or nearly impossible, to find the actions or information necessary to recover control of a web site or other digital asset in the event a webmaster or other person is unable to fulfill their duties for any reason. The best way is for more than one person to have access or the ability to gain access in the course of an emergency or necessary continuation of control. This can be ensured by registering these assets with the Masonic Digital Trust. Such circumstances in which CURB Protocol would be used include:
  • Change in Personnel
  • Unexpected Death
  • Relocation / Lost Contact
  • Non-responsiveness
  • Sabotage or Asset Hostage
  • Alien Abduction

Who Has Access?

We only share access of records of a respective lodge or body with:
  • The presiding officer
  • Someone confirmed to be appointed by a presiding officer
  • The presiding officer of the grand body from which a lodge or body has received charter or dispensation, including one appointed by such
  • In the case of a district or region of a grand body, that would be those who are officially appointed representative of that respective district or region
NOTE: The practices of access are not a legal contract, and will be refined as we further develop these services.

Pricing Options

Individual DAR Storage

For creation and storage of a single DAR file, we offer a LIFETIME one-time charge of $49. For lodges, chapters, and districts we (or our partners) provide web services for, there is no charge for tiling a single DAR file. You can receive temporary access or a PDF copy on request at any time, pending verification of lawful information.

DAR Lockbox

To have us tile multiple DARs or other files, we can provide an entire folder for such use. You can receive temporary access or a PDF copy as needed, pending verification of lawful information. We currently offer this service for a LIFETIME one-time charge of $149.

Self-Tiled Repository

If you need to lockbox and share (or not share) multiple files and folders, we can provide you with your own login and repository within our private cloud server. In emergencies, we can reset and provide administrative access pending verification of lawful information. We currently offer this service for a LIFETIME one-time charge of $499.

Why a “Lifetime” Charge?

We store and protect information the whole point of which is to never lose, EVER. If there is discontinuity in your leadership, or your budget, you never have to worry about recovering it — you just need to contact us and demonstrate authority to have access.