Digital Square Club

What is a “Digital Square Club”?

A “square club” is an informal social gathering of Freemasons, often centered around a profession, activity, or locale. A “digital square club” (or “Internet square club“) is a discussion and communication group of Masons who have a role or interest in using digital technology to assist and promote the Craft. Members might include:
  • Web Designers and Developers
  • Graphic Artists
  • Social Media Writers and Managers
  • Email List Administrators
  • Software Developers
  • Photographers
A digital square club is not a concordant or appendant body, and does no ritual (though it may suggest wording for installation of webmasters where such an office exists). They are most likely not recognized by the Grand Lodge, but hope to serve it faithfully across ever-changing leadership terms, and according to the directives of such authority whenever possible. A digital square club can be invaluable to assist a Grand Lodge in the establishment and dissemination of requirements, limitations, guidelines and best practices for digital media and communication within their jurisdiction. Ideally, no one owns a square club. It may have a natural leadership, but it is by a respect of general consensus that decisions can be made. The digital assets of the club — the “keys” to communication channels and records (if any) — should be shared among multiple persons to ensure continuity and the Masonic value of responsible leadership over unilateral authority.

Where can I find one?

This is a new concept, at least in this form, but anyone can start one. They can be jurisdiction-wide, district-wide, regional, or local. There is no granting authority, so any such clubs are independent, answering only to the jurisdiction according to a relationship of their choosing. If you have formed a square club, we will list it here.