Preserving records digitally is the next best thing to having a museum. Once digitized, files can be preserved and shared virtually forever. This is also helpful for large volumes of documents you may not need, yet want to make available for the research of future generations. It just isn’t worth the space to store until they disintegrate or get lost. NOTE: This service is currently only provided locally on a case-by-case basis.


We scan text documents at 150 dpi, in greyscale or in color if any notations, print, or type are in color. Photographs or other images are scanned at 300 dpi in color, 600 dpi on request. Maximum current scan size if 8.5″x11″. Records are rendered in PDF format; stand-alone images are preserved in TIFF format.  


Every project may vary, but to estimate cost, figure $40 per inch of paper if single-sided. We recognize this is not competitive to document companies. This is meticulously hand-managed by one or more Masons who agree to respect confidentiality of all contents. If this is not an issue and you have a large volume of data, a larger company may be a better choice.